Shuttleworth & Company 
Investment Advisors


About Us

SCO is a fee-only independent investment advisory and money management firm that focuses on not only meeting, but exceeding client goals. We are interested in the best suitability and fit for each individual client's portfolio. Our firm's style is generally described as value. We select stocks that are leaders in their respective industries, return money to shareholders through dividends, and appear to have unrecognized value by the equity markets. Our equity selections are not limited to a particular sector, industry or market capitalization. However, we seldom invest directly in foreign stocks or bonds. Selected stocks are for the most part in industries we have identified as being in favor by the market.
We construct diversified portfolios of equities, real estate investment trusts (REITs), preferred stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), bond mutual funds, and individual investment grade municipal, corporate and government agency bonds.

Our goal for every equity is substantial price appreciation over a four to six year time horizon. We use the trading strategy commonly referred to as "buy and hold". SCO provides customized and personalized portfolio management of client accounts, provides ongoing consultations and individualized reviews of client assets and utilizes an investment policy based upon the following:
  • Active asset allocation,
  • Concentration on industry rotation, and,
  • Bottom-up (technical) and top-down (fundamental) research analysis for equity and fixed-income management.

Our Clients

Our client base is made up of individuals and families, family trusts, corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, not-for-profit organizations, and corporate retirement plans. All clients have direct access to the advisor who manages their account.

Our Accounts

We service and manage all types of brokerage accounts.

  1. Personal - individual, custodial, joint, trusts, estates, and 529 educational savings accounts,
  2. Corporate - pension and profit sharing retirement, and individual directed 401k plans, and,
  3. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) - contributory, Roth, SEP, Simple and Inherited.

SCO provides a high level of service to its clients. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of every client we serve. Our approach is to provide every client customized portfolio management versus a one-size fits all method. Every client regardless of size is offered quarterly investment review meetings and reports. We are pro-active in keeping abreast of our clients' financial lives in order to serve them better.