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Why Shuttleworth & Company?

The objective of
SCO is to establish goals and objectives that are in the best interest of each individual client. Our focus is primarily on a balanced strategy with long-term investments, while also evaluating short-term and trading opportunities. SCO's active style of portfolio management also provides flexibility to respond to the ever-changing investment environment.

Tailored advice based on your goals. Independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) like Dave Shuttleworth make it possible to offer advice tailored to each individual client.

You know what you're paying for. SCO's billing policies are fee-only. They are straight-forward and are easy to understand. Our fees are based on the client's assets that we manage.

A different kind of relationship.  Independent RIAs like Dave Shuttleworth form close relationships with their clients and have a fiduciary duty to them. At SCO we are close to the financial lives of our clients and as a result are better able to serve them.

You know where your money is being held. Most RIAs like Dave Shuttleworth use independent custodians to hold client assets. The client assets that are managed by SCO are typically held by an independent institutional broker or bank trust department.

Accountability to you. SCO takes full responsibility for managing clients' assets. It is our duty to help our clients reach their agreed upon written financial goals and objectives. The performance of your assets will be measured and be frequently reported to you. You will know your account's actual performance and how it compares to the markets and your expected returns.
Approach to Investment Management

1. Understand your goals

We begin with a discussion of the following topics: 
  • Desired liquidity,
  • Desired reserves;
  • Target cash income from investments relative to family living expenses,
  • Targets for life stages,
  • Attachments to certain past investments, and,
  • Risk tolerance.

2. Develop an Investment Policy

Then we develop an investment policy based upon your individual goals and objectives.

3. Implementing the Investment Policy

We are in the business of managing investments, primarily publicly traded marketable securities. Our clients rely on us to take over the management of their existing portfolios and give them comfort that their investments are meeting their individual goals and objectives.
We will begin by assessing your current portfolio of holdings, and then make the necessary revisions to align it with your goals and cash flow needs. Thereafter, SCO will undertake the research, analysis and selection aspects of portfolio management that is essential and necessary to provide effective active asset management.

We will make all purchase and sale decisions, and be fully accountable to you for the performance of your portfolio, which will be highly correlated to your individual risk tolerance and stated goals and objectives.